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A couple of years ago, I imagined a theatre filled with spectators inside a typewriter. This artwork is the result of that thought. It is now available as a postcard. What I really like about this concept, is that it exposes both the typewriter that an artist uses to deliver work and the people looking at it. I'm mainly intrigued by typewriters in my illustrations, because for me I've always been better at articulating things in text instead of in spoken word. 


The typewriter is an symbol to me that there are always multiple ways to express yourself and you don't ever have to feel pushed by society to express yourself in a certain way. 


You don't have to be a loud speaker if you don't want to. If you're more comfortable with writing or if you rather spend more time in your inner bubble than in outside circles, please do so. You don't have to suffer from someone else's expectations of you. I hope that makes sense. May the spectators in your life always make room for that and never take you for granted for the energy and art that you bring into their daily lives. 🧡




The postcard is printed on 300 gr/m2 textured paper.* You can send it to a friend or a family member. Of course, you are also able to keep the card yourself, to stick it in your journal or to put it on a wall in your room. It is up to you! ✨


'The circus chapter' includes three different postcards, a bookmark and a set of 10 mini stickers. 🎪🎟️


*The envelope on the pictures is not included. You can add this envelope on my shop for just 0.25 cents extra (no additional shipping costs).

Theatre typewriter postcard

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  • Shipping costs vary between â‚¬1 and â‚¬4 per item. 

  • International post can be delayed up to one or two months due to the Corona virus. This depends on where you live and the measures the local postal services have taken. Please know that I do everything I can to ship your order as fast as possible. 

    Did you not receive your order after waiting eight-ten weeks? Please send me a message, so we can find a solution.

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